Dr. Harry Keefe in Pueblo, Colorado

A family practice physician with three decades of experience, Dr. Harry Keefe serves patients in Pueblo, Colorado. He has privileges at Parkview Hospital, where he sits on the Family Medicine Quality Assurance Committee. Dr. Harry Keefe also maintains courtesy privileges from Saint Mary Corwin. He has been with his current private practice since 2000, and is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Harry Keefe is actively involved in his profession. Before joining the quality assurance committee at Parkview, he served as Chief of Staff for Salida Hospital in Salida, Colorado. He also spent 11 years as an emergency room physician. Dr. Keefe has extensive experience treating patients of advanced age, and served as the Medical Director for the Columbine Manor Nursing Home in Salida.

An avid supporter of the American Red Cross, Dr. Harry Keefe has also donated his time to organizations that support people with visual impairments. He enjoys golf and holds season tickets to the Denver Broncos. Dr. Keefe also breeds and shows huskies and malamutes.

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