Dr. Harry Keefe’s Tips for Beating the Flu

An experienced family physician, Dr. Harry Keefe offers primary care services through a practice based in Pueblo, Colorado. As Dr. Harry Keefe warns his patients, an unusually high number of individuals have caught the flu this year. Below, he has listed some tips for beating the illness.

1. Blow your nose rather than keeping mucous inside or swallowing it. Patients should blow their nose gently to avoid hurting their ears and breaking blood vessels.

2. For throat pain or discomfort, gargling a chemist-formulated wash or a simple warm water and salt mixture can provide instant relief and encourage healing.

3. Pour boiling water in a bowl and inhale the steam. Some patients may want to add some tea tree or eucalyptus oil to the water. Patients can maximize inhalation by draping a towel around the head.

4. Constantly hydrate to replace the fluids lost through mucous. For a fever, patients should choose cool drinks. Hot drinks will soothe a sore throat.

5. Use an extra pillow to elevate the head during the night, which prevents the accumulation of fluids that can keep individuals awake.

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