Dr. Harry Keefe’s Advice for Preventing the Flu and Colds

Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Dr. Harry Keefe offers patients a full range of primary care services. Dr. Keefe encourages his patients to play a proactive role in preventing the flu and colds, especially this year when more individuals than usual have caught these illnesses.

As Dr. Keefe explains to his patients, hygiene plays a crucial role in prevention. Individuals should wash their hands often and try to break habits that can introduce germs into the system, such as picking the nose, rubbing eyes, or biting fingernails. Sanitizing gels and lotions can keep people safe from the flu and colds. Also, all individuals should get the flu shot every year and early in the season.

Other tips for preventing illness include exercising regularly, which boosts the immune system; getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night; and quitting smoking, which can introduce infections. When coughing, Dr. Keefe recommends that people use their elbow to cover their mouth rather than their hand and should encourage others to do the same. Along the same lines, individuals should consciously wash their hands after handshakes.

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